Tim Griffin, the Caging Lists and GONEzales

Greg Palast joins Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Greg Palast exposes true intent, cover up and criminal acts of Bush administration's US Attorney scandal. In summary, it's about wrongfully charging Democrats with made up crimes in order to influence the outcome of elections. In other words, it's about stealing elections or subverting our democracy. Just more evidence of the Bush administration's stated goal of turning America into a one-party state. Which comes pretty close to meeting the definition of treason.

Did he say treason? SNAP! I thought he said that...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It should get interesting as Palast will now turn over to Conyers the many RNC Emails that they accidentally sent to him.

As a side note: Who knew that Tom Cruise was playing David Iglesius in the movie A Few Good Men? News to me... I guess the bush administration can't handle the truth.

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