Rell and Republicans: Grandstanding for the sucker vote

Rell and her hamburger party suggest dropping the 25 cent tax on gas:
Rell endorsed the idea several hours after Republican legislators introduced the measure at a press conference at the state Capitol complex. They vowed to force the Democrat-controlled legislature to vote on the issue, possibly in the next three days when the House is in session.


"This is an irresponsible, half-baked scheme by the Republicans to appease the public with pennies, while costing the state over $120 million," Amann said. "Their annual sideshow is about as helpful to Connecticut drivers as the governor's press release last week calling for a national investigation into gasoline prices. It's embarrassing."

Amann said the legislature cannot guarantee that prices will drop at the pumps, because lawmakers do not control gasoline prices. Proponents of the measure said, however, that regardless of the price of gas, motorists would be paying 25 cents less per gallon.

Not only is Amann correct, but the fact is I can think of a lot better ways to spend excesses in government money that would benefit everyone. You can be damned certain that the price of gas would just go right back up shortly after they dropped the tax with distributors and oil companies soaking up even more excessive profits than they are already getting.

You want to do something that will really make a difference? Raise the tax another dime and put it towards developing alternative energy sources like windmill farms and solar energy.

The GOP needs to keep their short sighted ideas designed to appease the sucker voter to themselves. There are many reasons why the hamburger party is in decline in Connecticut and across the nation... Their fiscal irresponsibility is just another one of them.

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