Judge Tells All Star to Get the Buses Rolling

The NewsTimes is reporting that the Judge John Pickard has told All Star to get the buses back on the road:
The Board of Education won the first round of its legal battle to end the bus drivers' strike Wednesday, when a judge told All-Star Transportation to immediately restore full service to the town's six schools.

Litchfield Superior Court Judge John Pickard's ruling is a hollow victory, however, because there are not enough licensed and certified drivers available to cover all the routes.

If you go to the story the comments section is pretty funny. I don't know if those of you wanting to sue the union realize how silly that idea is. They didn't sign a contract with the city, All Star did. And since there are no real health or safety issues involved there is very little the judge can say to the union to force them back to work. This isn't like an ambulance, police, or nurse strike where basic services are deemed a necessity for the public good. This is an inconvenience, not a hazard, to the community. I may not be a lawyer, but this seems like common sense to me.

I am starting to think that All Star, judging by their behaviour, is purposely trying to get this contract canned by the city.

Did they stupidly negotiate a bad contract with a ridiculously low cost of fuel figured in or something? (There is a war AND an occupation going on right now... Figure the odds that fuel prices would go up? D'oh!)

If the contract gets tossed who is there left for the town to renegotiate a new and more lucrative contract with? (All Star is the only game in town at the moment... And they know it.)

Or maybe the company will close up and sell off to another company OR resurface incorporated under another name in order to avoid dealing with the union at all... (Classic union busting techniques, yes?)

With the way politics works these days I would not be surprised to see the BOE fire them, only to sign a new contract with the same company (under a new name or not) that is more profitable to the company. There has to be more to this than just the 50 cent difference between what the company is offering and the drivers want. It should be interesting when the judge orders arbitration, which is the only likely legal recourse available at this point in time.

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