Obama Proposes Corporate Welfare for Insurance Giants

You can read it as Universal Healthcare:
Under Obama's proposal, everyone would be able to obtain health insurance, and the Illinois senator would create a National Health Insurance Exchange to monitor insurance companies in offering the coverage. In essence, Obama's plan retains the private insurance system but injects additional money into the system to pay for the expanded coverage.

Those who can't afford coverage would get a subsidy on a sliding scale depending on their income, and virtually all businesses would have to share in the cost of coverage for their workers.

I prefer to call it the CORPORATE WELFARE program that it really is.

What kind of lunatic thinks that handing more money over to the insurance companies that have caused most of the problems in the American Healthcare system is going to solve anything? Throwing money at the problem just makes it a bigger problem.

C'mon Obama! You can do better than this bush league proposal.

Think Single Payer...

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