I have a better idea...

Via Nicole Belle @ Crooks and Liars:
On Friday, Nevada MoveOn members got this action alert:

Last night, Sen. Harry Reid gave George W. Bush a blank check for endless war in Iraq–supporting the same bill that just days earlier Reid called "weak tea."

Reid needs to know we're disappointed–we expect stronger leadership from him, not weakness.

Can you send Harry Reid a bag of "weak tea" and a letter telling him your opinion of last night's vote?

And MoveOn members came through…and better yet, it did not escape the notice of the media... (read on)

I think it would be more effective, and certainly get his attention a lot quicker, if we just pelted him with boiling hot tea bags every time we see him. Yeah, yeah I know! The local FBI just loves to waste their time, and our tax dollars, watching jokers like me. Nevermind that it would be a waste of a perfectly good tea bag.

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