Bush Declares His Right to Dictatorial Powers

This is a long video (10 Mins.) from C-SPAN where they interview the author of one of those Swift Boat liar books, Gerome Corsi, that smeared Kerry in the runup to the 2004 elections and they discuss their shock at the announcement of bushies' latest power grab and the possibility of creating a dictatorship.

When swift boat liars are worried about the bush they love going against the Constitution... You know it is time to get out the frickin' tin foil.

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tammidee10 said...

Hi Stephen,
I'm glad that there are people that still care about getting the news to people. You're welcome to read my blogs anytime. I'll be checking out your's often now that I've found it.
A few tidbits; There is one million gay vets at this time. I know high ranking military officers who are transgender and just waiting for retirement, to transition. Last year a former Green Beret, Colonel David now Diane Schroer, who had fully transitioned to female, came out on "48 hours." One air force colonel flew seventeen missions in a B52 over Hanoi and then flew twenty years for SAC and is now fully transitioned.
Peace and Love,
Tammi Dee xxx
PS: Please keep in touch.