Got another beef with a CT Dem? I do.

Spazeboy pointed this out once and they removed the offensive name from the CT Democratic party list... Now they have put him back on as spazeboy points out again:

Once upon a time, I recommended that Joe Lieberman’s name be removed from the list of Democratic Members of Congress at the CT Dems official website.

Within 2 days, it was.

But after reading this comment from PamB about how her invitation to this year’s JJB Dinner lists Senator Lieberman as a special guest

WTF ??@!??
Did anyone else just get the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner Invitation today?? Included on the invitation, as Special Guests, no other than Joseph I Lieberman, US Senator, who’s name appears with Chris Dodd, Joe Courtney, John larson, Rosa DeLauro, Murphy, Blumenthal, Bysiewicz, Nappier, etc, etc!!!

My first call shall be to Howard Dean, then one to Pelosi, and then an email to DiNardo telling her how pissed off I am. I really wanted to go this time to hear Nancy Pelosi speak.

Can you believe the GALL of this Ct. party and DiNardo to dare and bring Lieberman into our Dem Dinner????????

…I went poking around the Democratic State Central site, I find that Senator Lieberman’s name has been re-added to the list of Democratic Members of Congress.

It is still there a few weeks later.

Democratic Members of Congress

Needless to say, the MAJORITY of Democratic supporters have HUGE beefs with Lieberman... But the CT Democratic party better get their act together if they don't want to get "Liebermanned" (kicked to the curb) in their primaries as well.

Talk about the ultimate in insults to the majority of Democratic voters in this state. Nevermind the grassroots that has proven that they can set the agenda in CT's left politics.

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