Bush Fires a Reservist for Serving?

Can you get anymore illegal than this?
ravings of a semi-sane madwoman:

"Docked for Duty?'

The Justice Department called David Iglesias, the U.S. attorney in New Mexico, an 'absentee landlord'—a key reason listed for his firing last December. Just one problem: Iglesias, a captain in the Navy Reserve, was off teaching classes as part of the war on terror. Now Iglesias is striking back, arguing he was improperly dismissed."

There are laws against this. This may not be the lowest of the low in bush's mistreatment of soldiers and the military, but it comes pretty close.

Don't ever tell me that the bush administration, or any other republican politician, supports the soldiers or the military. They abuse them and fuck with them any way they can. Especially when it is politically convenient.

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