The Family Institute of Connecticut Would be Proud!

of this Christian family that is taking a stand on the very issues and views that the FIC supports:

The only difference between that whacko family and what FIC espouses is that Family Institute of Connecticut soft peddles their bigoted messages.

Soft peddling their message doesn't make the FIC any less dangerous to this country. It just makes them dangerous AND dishonest about their message. That family is the product of the thinking and messanging put forth by the far-right-wingnuts at the Heritage Foundation and taken to into the relms of their wildest wet dreams.

Like it or not FIC, you should be proud of how your messages have enlightened: That whack-job family is one of yours!

You broke'em, you bought'em.


CT Bob said...

Boy, that Sean Hannity really goes out on a limb, doesn't he?

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I very rarely watch fox these days so I must have missed it. Maybe I'll have to find out what he did? When it is really bad it usually makes the web. lol