Spocko, Disney, ABC and Throwing The First Punch!

Via Crooks and liars:
Crooks and Liars:
"USA Today:

In a dispute between the 'new media' of the Internet and the 'old media' of broadcasting, liberal bloggers and conservative talk-radio hosts are accusing each other of trampling the First Amendment's guarantees of free speech.

[..]Some advertisers, including Bank of America and MasterCard, have deserted KSFO since an anonymous media critic identifying himself online as Spocko began posting recordings of the station's 'Hot Talk' hosts. Spocko and some of his readers have been e-mailing the audio to KSFO advertisers since 2005, asking the companies whether they want to be associated with the controversial rhetoric.

[..](EFF attorney Matt) Zimmerman says Spocko's rights are in more peril than the station's. "ABC/Disney tried to use the legal process to silence a critic who was actually amplifying their speech," he says. "Spocko was doing exactly what the First Amendment is designed to do - promote this marketplace of ideas.""

We tried to warn these ABC/Disney ding-dongs that if it was a war on free speech they wanted, it was a war on free speech they would get.

We also warned them would reserve the right to make satirical political comments on their warped POV by showing their cherished Disney characters doing all kinds of mean and nasty things like the KSFO hosts have suggested... Or we could just make shit up. It would be real fun to make a video of one of their animated characters, say, beating up on a kid:

OH WAIT! We don't have to make shit like that up...

And the fun is just begining. heh

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