Half-Assin' It The Schumer Way

Chuckie Schumer puts out a half an idea he calls the "50% Solution" in a plan that has very little substance to those goals that are outlined.
That’s the point of the second part of the book — “The 50% Solution” — which presents eleven concrete goals, to be achieved within ten years, that are a promise to the middle class. For each goal, there are novel and detailed solutions and a discussion of why I am convinced they are critical to our country’s future. You can look at the 50% Solution HERE.

As for your education goals: Why do you give just science and math teachers stipends? All teachers should be encouraged to give the best all around education to students. Not to mention that you won’t make the unions very happy if you go around them in providing bonuses to some and not to others.

There is merit to some of the ideas, but come back with a book when it is substantiated with real world applicable solutions. Much like Jon Swift... I haven't read the book, but many of the stated goals are unrealistic or not practical.

With some due respect, Sen. Schumer, and as far as a plan to Positively win back America, for now I’d stick to the “50 State Strategy” over a half-assed “50% Solution.”

How Democrats can and will win in every state, every county, and every precinct.

The Democratic Party is committed to winning elections at every level in every region of the country, and we're getting started right now with a massive effort to fund organizers on the ground in every state.

The ultimate goal? An active, effective group of Democrats organized in every single precinct in the country. Here's what we're doing to get there:

  1. The Democratic Party is hiring organizers chosen by the state parties in every state -- experienced local activists who know their communities.
  2. We bring those organizers together for summits where they can learn from each other the best practices for getting organized to win elections.
  3. Armed with the knowledge they've shared with each other, Democratic organizers return to the states and recruit and train leaders at the local level.
  4. Those local leaders recruit more leaders and volunteers until every single precinct in their area has a trained, effective organization of Democrats dedicated to winning votes for Democrats.

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