Nancy Johnson's Legacy

Taken From a dKos diary:
My 79 year old mother cried when she went to get her prescription:

"The other day she went to get her medication at Kaiser and was told the bill was $900, to which she burst into tears and didn't know what to do. She didn't have $900 (her monthly income is Social security of about $600 and some income from property she owns, she lives month to month with little if any 'extra' income). She called me in tears, and I told her to charge the amount on her Visa.

After I got off the phone with her I was crying (mainly because we are not in the position to give her much financial help), and then I became so very angry, angry at those who passed this shitty drug plan that makes our seniors cry. How can any group of people be proud of a program that has so many shortcomings it becomes everything but what it says it is. "

Nancy Johnson's Legacy:

The Donut Hole
And other mean and nasty things...


fuzzyturtle said...

I firmly belive that all members of Congress over the age of 65 should use Medicare. F*ck them having better insurance than their constituents! OF course, Johnson was raking in >$150K for several years, so she can afford to pay out of pocket (and her husband the doctor might pick up some of the $$$, he benefitted from her policies for long enough)..

I'm just glad she's out.. and I'm proud to have hit the pavement and knocked on doors for Murphy.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Personally I think they should have to use medicare as their healthcare all the time. Why wait until they are 65? Make politicians go on medicare.

They would fix it real fast if that was the case. lol

Honestly, I still think that universal healthcare for every single American is the best option.