The FIC's Biased Poll

The FIC is mad that some in the corporate owned media doesn't share their radical point of view that gay and lesbian marriages should be banned:
The more the Courant continues in its left-lunacy the more people come to our blog.

Anyway, Sherlock has given us the grand idea of running a poll on this question (on the right of the blog). I think its pretty likely that many of our readers are going to say they have either cancelled their subscription to a major paper because of bias or considered doing so.

First, many come to the Blog simply to point out hipocrisy... And, secondly, the poll question they ask?

Have you cancelled your subscription to the Courant or another state paper because of liberal bias?

* No, the Courant is fair and balanced!
* This is a lame poll, and I refuse to respond!
* Yes, the Courant is way out in left-field!
* No, but I've seriously considered cancelling!

OK... So the second was more of the first!

The FIC poll exposes their site as a pious fraud, most likely by ID (Ignorant Design).

If you wanted an honest poll you would add this choice to it:

NO, I cancelled because the Courant, and the bulk of the MSM, is on right-wing-crack!

But the goal of your FIC site is obviously not to inform people with honest ideas. Your agenda is to perpetrate mass ignorance on society with biased deceptions and myths. In other words: Christianist gay and lesbian bashing done in the name of Jesus, who never preached such hatred.

Instead of looking for dividing factors amongst political and religious factions, any group that claims morality and religion as their compass should be looking more at the issues like poverty and the enviornment that could be uniting factors.

Your sites' agenda exposes the not-so-hidden hate and divide messages that false christians emulate in the political arena. Some moral values...

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