Wal-Mart selling Nazi SS skull t-shirts

Apparently Wal-Mart uses the GOP method of paying lipservice through PR campaigns while doing nothing to fix the actual problem.
Bent Corner » Wal-Mart is still selling Nazi SS skull t-shirts:

"The New York Times published an article about Wal-Mart and bloggers. In it they mention Marshall Manson quite frequently. It's an interesting read.

Marshall Manson asked me if I would post an update to my original post about Wal-Mart and the Nazi shirts. Something about how quickly they responded to the problem once they realized they were selling Nazi swag. I would have no problem doing that. If I felt they had indeed acted upon the information that they were selling Nazi clothing. The problem is that they haven't done anything about the Nazi shirts. Yesterday afternoon I stopped at a Wal-Mart on my way home for work and found a stack of the same shirts still for sale in the men's department. My wife also stopped at a different Wal-Mart on her way home from work yesterday. She too found a stack of these Nazi shirts still for sale.

In my opinion, quickly taking care of a problem involves actually taking care of the problem.

Instead of having someone from a PR firm contact bloggers, Wal-Mart should have concentrated on simply removing the shirts from their stores. They could have worried about contacting bloggers after their stores were free of Nazi clothing."

As if I didn't need one more reason not to shop at Wal-Mart... This is just creepy.


fuzzyturtle said...

DAMN. Maybe they thought the swastika was actually the Aztec sun god symbol?

okay maybe not..


Yet another reason to avoid WalMart.

Connecticut Man1 said...

If you click through the link to the story it should lead you to a photo of the t-shirt. It is actually a skull and crossbones type image... But not the pirate kind.

This really is kindof creepy. I wonder who owns the company that makes the t-shirts?

fuzzyturtle said...

I saw the shirts on eBay (the link from the Bent Corner site). That is so twisted. I doubt the company that makes them even cares, they just figure its a money maker. And of course, the shirts are probably made in Asian sweatshops by children earning 2c a day.

I love the followup post, with the letter from the WalMart executive. Pathatic. Damn, I hate that store and everything it stands for.