Republican Staffers Needed

Republican staffers, a new career awaits

Dear Republican staffer-

As you know, the last election cycle has left many of you looking for employment.

We are hiring.

We know many of you are patriotic Americans who long to serve their country, and take great pride in the country and it's ideals.

I'll be honest, we need more Marines.

We need the kind of men and women who want to serve this country, and often face danger.

Having served the Congress, you know the peril we face. Without your help, all of our work and effort in the war on terror may come to naught.

We need you to join the fight. Anyone between 17-35 can enlist in the Marines, although we prefer enlistees by 27 or 28. We will consider older candidates.

Those interested can get more information at www.marines.com

We have information on becoming a commissioned officer for college graduates. The Marines need new, dedicated officers like you.

We hope you consider joining the Marine Corps as your next career option.

Semper Fi,

Col. D. Michael Clayburn

Recruiting, USMC

Pass along to your friends.

Hat tip to Steve Gilliard & OYE


fuzzyturtle said...

hey, the oldest soldier who served in Iraq that I could find was 59


so that's a pretty wide net you've cast! haha. I say SHIP THEM OUT TOMORROW.

Not sure if you read this, but turns out the 100 people seized in Baghdad.. it was an inside job by the police.


not pretty. What a f*cking mess

makes me want to cry.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Fuzzy Turtle, did you know that your comment on Fred Lucas being a Kentucky Republican has started ctblogger on a tear?