CT Post Almost Gets It

The Connecticut Post gets it half right when they say that "The classic New England Republican - fiscally conservative, socially liberal - is nearly extinct"
But with the GOP's effort to appeal to its base in the South, it has moved away from building the party in New England, and that could spell more trouble down the road.

"Even though people like Chris Shays survived this time, what happens when he leaves the scene?" asked White. "When these folks leave the scene, they tend to get replaced by Democrats."

Even with the gloomy predictions, Tuesday's election might not be all bad for New England Republicans and could even mean new prominence for moderates such as Snowe and Collins, said Randall Miller, a professor of history at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

In a sharply divided Senate, Miller said, "those that survive likely will be the ones that will be courted most by the Democrats."

The move of the party to the faaar-right-wingnut POV to satisfy a small part of the GOP base may be part of the cause. But the answer for survival of the GOP is not going to be contingent on the Democratic party courting the leftovers from the fractured Republican party.

The supposed moderates of the GOP better be ready to give way to the Democratic parties initiatives because THAT IS WHAT AMERICA VOTED FOR!

Get with the American voters' approved LIBERAL program or STFU... That goes for the rejected GOP and the MSM that has backed these past catastrophic failures of GOP proportions.*

*GOP proportions = Too little, too late... And grossly incompetent overall. (As per usual)

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