Why Is There So Much Grassroots Support For Lamont?

The Democratic establishment in Washington isn't doing much for Ned Lamont:

Ned Lamont got little financial support from congressional Democrats - and none from Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd and key Senate veterans - in the crucial weeks after he won the party's Senate nomination Aug. 8, according to new campaign finance data.

Lamont has alot of money, money that he has ponied up on his own, and money from the grassroots. Lamont doesn't get much from the entrenched establishment because they are afraid of him. But having the largest base of grassroot support in Connecticut is a good thing if you are looking to fix what is broken on Capitol Hill. Lamont hasn't taken anything from corporate lobbyists, and nothing from any PACs.

Ned Lamont's support is people powered.

Joe Lieberman has alot of money. He had a HUGE war che$t. But where does all of that money come from? Lobbyists and PACs and from republican supporters that want to see the Connecticut-bush-clone "Stay the course!"

Joe Lieberman's support is the problem that needs to be fixed.

Face the facts... Influence for votes on Capitol Hill is a bought and sold commodity to the entrenched establishment. Lobbyists for special interests, PACs, and corporations are buying the old guard establishment on a daily basis, and we are the ones that are losing out.

Voting for Ned Lamont is one little step that can help stem the tide of corruption. It can help take back one of those votes in the Senate and make it ours. It can help make that one vote beholden to us Nutmeggers and NOT to the entrenched establishment that is afraid of what the Lamont campaign means to them.

Can we afford to miss this opportunity to take back that one Seanate vote for ourselves? Not if we truely want to fix what is wrong with our government.

Change the course!
Vote for Ned Lamont


Anonymous said...

If Ned Lamont hadnt used so much of his own to support his campaign then Lieberman would not have had to accept money from PACs. Media spending is the highest its ever been in CT for a senate race and thats because of Lamont. Get your facts/options straight if you are going to blog

Connecticut Man1 said...

Lieberman had the money lined up BEFORE... Lamont added his own money to couterbalance Lieberman's war chest as it got grew from republican sources.

AND Lieberman still has a bigger budget campaqign than Lamont right now.

Lieberman is bought and paid for by the corrupt republican machine.

Your problem anonymous:

I do have my facts straight. AND you are so afraid of your lies that you have to hide your name...

All talk and chickenhawk, just like Doh!

fuzzyturtle said...

at least Lamont wasn't BOUGHT by PACS. I respect that.

and until there are clean money/clean elections in CT.. people like Lamont are the only ones who'll be able to AFFORD to run against big PAC $$$

Good post. I agree, and I'll be voting for LAMONT.

Get the professional politicians OUT. CLEAN HOUSE NOW!

Connecticut Man1 said...

The thing that bothers me most is the recent revelation that it is a Republican BILLIONAIRE (Mayor Bloomberg) from out of state that is providing all of the people that work for the Lieberman campaign.

If that doesn't say it all about Lieberman...