How Many Ways Does Johnson Suck?

Let CT Progressive at No More Nancy! count the ways:
In the race, Ms. Johnson has used fearmongering commercials that try to paint Mr. Murphy as soft on terrorism and, most curiously of all, a big spender. It is unconvincing. Ms. Johnson is the senior member of an important committee. She has served longer in the House than any other Connecticut representative. Yet she has not been able to change significantly the House GOP leaders' reckless fiscal policy or its radical agenda.

Mr. Murphy, a lawyer, is impressive. He has spent eight years in the Connecticut House and Senate. He pushed for the state to adopt a system of campaign finance reform when he first entered the House, long before this was considered an important issue. He helped pass legislation that made it easier for uninsured to obtain health insurance. He wants to work on the same issue in Congress.


Mr. Murphy would be a strong candidate in any race, and even against a seasoned incumbent, is impressive. He would make a superb addition to Congress. We strongly endorse his candidacy.

--- NY Times

OK! So CT PROGRESSIVE just cut and pasted from the NY Times endorsemnet of Murphy. At least the Times can still count, even though they employed Judy Miller at one time and have yet to find one her Iraqi WMDs.

But let us not forget Johnson's signature legislation:

Medicare D(isaster)

Johnson was counting on you to remember that for the election!

It sucks to be anything GOP these days... Even the right wing corporate owned media is "cutting and running" from anything GOP.


fuzzyturtle said...

She's a piece of work all right. I wasn't living in the area last time she was running for reelection.. but I cant think of ONE good reason why this woman is in office. She had the NERVE To call herself an INDEPENDENT THINKER last night at the debate in Danbury.. what a laugh! *I almost let out an involuntary HA! when she came out with that one but I tried to cover it up with polite coughing when I heard that.

We have to take back America.. and that CANT be done with people like Johnson in power. No way no how.

Stop the politics of corruption and perversion in Congress. Dump the Bush Taliban.

fuzzyturtle said...

ok thx done venting.

I needed that :)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Glad to give you an outlet to vent...

Why do you think I blog?

If I didn't I would likely start smacking around the idiots I meet that use GOP talking points on a daily basis, and to make matters worse, some are ignorant and don't even know that they are doing it.

Fact checking is the only way to expose the truth, like the media has finally done on Johnson recently. Man, oh man! Did she ever get a bunch of rude awakenings in this election cycle. lol

My next "Murphy - Johnson" post will likely be on the media waking up and calling Johnson out on her lies.

I lag a little on local politics here, since I like to spend time on the national politics.

The only reason I got into Blogging was because of the day that Bush said Iraq "Had WMDs!" and he wanted to go to war with Iraq... I knew he was lying from that very first day!

fuzzyturtle said...

found this at the Corner Report, thought I'd share... :)


Connecticut Man1 said...