Throwing a Real Tea Party

Funny or Die pretty much sums up what we are dealing with when we talk about the Tea Party:

A slightly misogynist message (Probably a bit NSFW, too) to another aspect of the Tea Party that we have to deal with below...

Passed around on Facebook...


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gimlet eyes said...

How's about this one:
Shorter version:
"That word you keep using, ["Socialist." "Freedom." "Unconstitutional." Take your pick.]. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Connecticut Man1 said...

Gimlet eyes: It took 3 back-and-forths between a Martha Dean supporter (Judy Aron) before she got the point that I was just a mainstream liberal (not a commie nor a socialist as she made up before even asking a question) and that was after I had to spell it out for her. Even the conservative Bloggers I know would not make up stuff about me like some of the tea party people would. The tea party types are as bad the "Family Institute of Connecticut" liars.

gimlet eyes said...

One of my favorite signs at the Sanity rally last weekend was this:
the typical Gadsen flag, but underneath the coiled snake, it read: "Snake! Snake! OMG Snake!"