Dan Malloy scores first in Danbury

Dan Malloy jumping off of the bench of the Danbury Whalers shortly after scoring the first goal in Whalers' history.

[update] I have an interview from after the game at TK's. Let me say, in advance, that he was a bit reluctunt to give it since I am a political blogger... But as a hockey fan I promised to make it about the real story: The first goal in Danbury Whalers' franchise history, his assist, and the team with no more mention about his family than "say hi to'em".  The young man is a team player. (Saw ctblogger at the game, as well, and he had his cam rolling so he may have some footage to add to the game story).


CT Fair and Balanced said...

Was Foley the goalie?

Connecticut Man1 said...

I gave the kid a break from from his Dad's campaign and even interviewed him later. On the condition that it was about hockey and the historic nature of the first goal in Danbury Whaler's franchise history. The guy is a team player through and through. And he was reluctant to give the interview until I promised it would be about the big goal (and assist), the team, and nothing about family beyond a "hello" and his opinion. Very vanilla truth sports stuff.