Simmons Running Senate Ads

Considering Simmons is running neck and neck with Linda McMahon in the primaries even after he dropped out of the race. Why not? From The Day:
Rob Simmons, who halted his campaign for the Republican Senate nomination after losing the party endorsement to former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, will begin airing TV ads urging voters to "look at the issues" before voting in the Aug. 10 primary.

In a press release on Wednesday, Simmons said he would spend some of his remaining campaign funds on the TV spots.

"For the past two months, I have been travelling the state supporting my fellow Republican candidates," Simmons said. "Everywhere I go people ask me if I am still running for the U.S. Senate. My response has been 'I'm still on the ballot.'"
But his numbers are still as dismal as McMahon's are up when stacked up against any of the Democratic party candidates.  You would think, for that reason alone, that Linda McMahon would be happy to have a reason to argue issues with someone during the primary season? But no... She's as pissed as a wrestler after too many steroid shots.

The Breitbart version of this story featured a badly edited video of disgruntled former WWE wrestlers calling McMahon a racist steroid pusher and photos of Simmons in a headlock while teabagging her.

I don't have that video... But I do have this one:


CT Fair and Balanced said...

Love the video!

Would you believe the only "professional" wrestling event I've attended included the future governor of Minnesota, Jesse "The Body" Ventura!! And Jesse wasn't even the headliner. The Body did win his match that night, and maybe that propelled him to higher office (Mayor of Brooklyn Park).

If Linda had kicked someone's ass in the ring, maybe she'd have a shot this fall. It looks like she'll be on the wrong end of a "pile driver" at the ballot box, too.

Connecticut Man1 said...

The funny thing is this is some of the most tame video out there and available to be used in the campaign. Someone put together material to go with her campaign ad on "family values", including sex in the ring, necrophilia and all kinds of other stuff edited together in the similar vein of this mock ad.

There is plenty of other crazy material for them to draw from in order to make more videos like this.

CT Fair and Balanced said...

At least Jesse Ventura never engaged in necrophilia in the ring. Maybe that's the key to electability.

As Bill Clinton would have said, "I... never... had necrophilia with that woman."