Is Walter Bayer a DINO?

Walter Bayer was at the Republican fundraiser for Probate Judge Martin Landgrebe last night. He appeared to be meeting and greeting like a member of the "R" crowd. And you can sometimes find him tipping back a beverage with Roger Szendy and other "R's" at local watering holes.

Considering how easily he has rolled over for town council business from "R" Mayor Murphy, is he just a lap dog for the RTC? Seems like a DINO (Democrat In Name Only) to me.

Hey Bayer: Start Drinking Liberally.


Cirze said...

Or a true member of the "in crowd."


Make way.

For a man of teh people.


Connecticut Man1 said...

That bipartisan "in crowd" that makes many too politicians indistinguishable from one party candidate or the other?

Like George Carlin said:

"It is a big club. And you ain't in it."

There are different levels of "the club" and "club benefits".

I'd like to be less cynical about this stuff. But nothing I document or witness at any level of government ever seems to disprove Carlin's theory.

CT Fair and Balanced said...

The problem with being a bipartisan "D" in New Milford is that the other side NEVER reciprocates. They'd sooner eat their young than compromise with a "D."

Walter Bayer knows this, but remains naive in his actions. Another Dem Dumb Dumb.

Connecticut Man1 said...

My point, and Carlin's in that rant, is that they all work together and the ones that are the most bipartisan, IMHO, are usually the most corrupted.

Too often, they are reciprocating for their own benefit but not for ours. (Not saying specifically about Bayer here, just sayin'.)

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CT Fair and Balanced said...

Sadly, the corrupted souls in NM politics are partisan hacks. The do what they're told and follow it right to the bitter end.

In my opinion, Bayer thinks he's a maverick (I do hate that word since Palin abused it!) who can walk on both sides of the isle. However, he's too naive to realize he's simply being used by the R's and will never, ever, ever, get anything in return.

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