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From former New Milford raised a glass and brewed Todd Umbarger and without further comment since it says enough on its own (and I could add an essay to this BUT...) :

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With previous permission from Todd Umbarger.
Todd is a New York-based illustrator and draws the political cartoon "National Concern."


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BeyondChron.com : How to Win the Arizona Boycott : Recruit Enthusiastic Youngsters and Students for a Summer Boycott and continue the Boycott activities beyond the season - Call the conventions and ask cancellations

Adrenaline, Youth, Enthusiasm :

A triumph of the Arizona Boycott would be a Great Wonderful Beautiful Political Stunt with many repercusions not only for Immigration Politics but also for Democratic and Liberty Politics. - Those that want to invade private life and police human beings for their color or facial features would be rebuked.

The Arizona Boycott is a wonderful golden opportunity for youngsters and students that are considering a political career. They would learn what a grassroots movement filled with enthusiasm is ( from the inside ! )

How to Win the Arizona Boycott
May. 11‚ 2010

by Randy Shaw‚
Randy Shaw is the author of Beyond the Fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW and the Struggle for Justice in the 21st Century, which will be out in paperback in July.

How to Win the Arizona Boycott


Some excerpts :

In the past two weeks, the call for an economic boycott of Arizona has spread far beyond the political arena. In addition to labor and immigrant rights groups, it quickly won support from such unusual suspects as pop singers Shakira and Ricky Martin, the NBA’s “Los Phoenix Suns,” and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Polls show African-Americans are even more hostile than Latinos to the racist Arizona law, and conventions from multiple groups are already being switched out of state. But boycotts typically start with a flurry of activity. Most then dissipate without building the boycott infrastructure necessary to achieve their original goal. For the Arizona boycott to succeed, activists must follow the lessons of the UFW grape and lettuce boycotts of the 1960’s and 1970’s, the South Africa divestment campaign of the 1970s and 1980’s, and the UNITE HERE “Hotel Rising Boycott” of 2006. And the timing is perfect for a “Boycott Summer,” which would boost immigrant rights activism both in Arizona and nationally.

“Boycott Summer”

The critical distinction between successful and failed boycotts is the creation of a boycott infrastructure. In other words, a campaign operation that continues after the media launch event ends, and that builds the boycott through continually harnessing and recruiting volunteers.

The Center for Community Change, its network of affiliated groups, and its labor allies collectively has the staff capability to build an Arizona boycott infrastructure. And while some might argue that focusing on Arizona is a distraction from comprehensive federal reform, at this point the only way a breakthrough can happen on the latter is by activists showing clout on the state boycott.

With summer approaching and many colleges already out, the timing is perfect for a massive “Boycott Summer” campaign in Arizona. Whether this occurs depends on the commitment of boycott groups to build such an infrastructure, which appears to be a golden opportunity to keep immigration reform on the national radar during hearings on proposed Supreme Court Justice Kagan, the ongoing oil spill, financial reforms, and other news.

Recruitment for a Boycott Summer campaign will keep the issue alive across the nation, nationalizing a local struggle in the same way that the UFW used grape and lettuce boycott recruitment to spread word of its struggle with growers in California’s Central Valley. Recruits also become troops in the larger battle for federal reform, so their value extends beyond Arizona and will likely continue when they return to school in the fall.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :


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the ascendency of sarah palin proves the stupidity is the new black