McMahon Gushes Over Deregulating Oil

McMahon Campaign Literature
From TheDay.com
According to The Day and at the same time that we are witnessing the results of the typical Republican deregulation-run-amok of anything that moves money to these Multinational Oil Corporations wash in ashore as tar balls and dead dolphins on American shorelines, GOP Senate candidate wannabe Linda McMahon spews about further deregulation of the oil industry?

I can think of better ways to solve our energy problems than coating the country from coast to coast along with our food sources with more oil slicks.


JimD said...

First, I like the new look.

Then... The way this Gulf oil spill is playing out reads more like terrorism than what has been going on in NYC.

Distributorcap said...

didnt you know there is another saudi arabia under the Long Island SOund.

linda mcmahon is a stupid moron

Beach Bum said...

You know I would like to make a snarky comment about Linda McMahon but given that Joe Wilson and Jim DeMint come from my state I just pass.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I understand that you have Wilson and DeMint... But you have to consider that we have Joe Lieberman.

IOW: You have every right to say what needs to be said. lol

Jolly Roger said...

Linda is absolutely a moron. It goes to show you what kind of stuff you can buy for yourself if you have enough money. She and Meg ought to try their luck at a Presidential ticket in 2012; the debates would be a lot of free comedy.

Unknown said...


libhom said...

When is McMahon going to challenge Blumenthal to one of the WWE's infamous bra and panties matches?