Support The Troops - Pay Your Taxes

Connecticut Man1

It is the tax deadline and this stuff is pretty self explanatory.

You pay taxes and they get beans, bullets and valuable training that might just save their lives. When you want tax cut after tax cut? The active duty soldiers serving overseas, in training here or elsewhere and the veterans that have served are the ones that pay the price. You may not want to believe that but it is true.


Jolly Roger said...

Now now.... every REAL American knows that TAXES is COMMANISM! If you want to Support The Troops!, all that is required is a yellow car magnet.

I done learned all that from the Tea Party Express.

Connecticut Man1 said...

In a snarkilicious world you would be the one I am trying to reach. ;) Sadly, there are people with less of a sense of humor about this issue that I really am making a simple point to.

And thanks for the comment JR.