Boston Tea Party Punked

Buzzfeed has a whole bunch of signs from the Boston Common Tea Party getting punked but here are a few for your viewing pleasure:


FreeRepublik said...

I bet you no one noticed anything was wrong. As long as you have a sign and you look angry, they'll accept you as their own no matter what.

Jolly Roger said...

Awhile back, a Klanbagger rally in Minnesota (I believe) got hijacked by a kid that got up on stage, railed about European immigration, and demanded that the illegal Europeans (and all their anchor babies) be shipped back to Europe.

He got applause from the crowd. Sad.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I am pretty sure they noticed, Free Republic, given there was a lot of advance coverage that some were planning to show up to mock them.

Jolly Roger: I remember that video. I did a post a while back on this Connecticut guy, Matt, who does these silly videos of himself dancing all over the world titled "where in the world is Matt?" (or something like that?), and recently video of him (supposedly him? Looked like him) at a Tea Party rally hit the net where he got up to one of the Tea party open mic things and started railing against Sarah Palin which got the crowd booing him. All their talk about "Free Speech"? Did not look like they cared too much about Free Speech when they were trying to get him off the stage. I was going to post on it shortly.

Distributorcap said...

my favorite is when the media talks about how "thousands" show up -- they just use the teabaggers estimates and pass it off as accurate. the boston rally had about 1/4 of what the teabaggers said