The Million Can March!

Les Enragés.org has an interesting challenge up for both the left and right:

Million Can March: Yes We Can!

Welcome to the Unruly Mob and the launching of our Million Can March! This all started with a vague notion that we should do something more than just have a good laugh at the next round of tea parties scheduled for July 4th. I thought that if teabaggers are so afraid of socialism, maybe we could show 'em socialism on a national scale. And what is more socialistic than sharing our food with others. Food banks across the nation are struggling with shortages as increasing demands meet head on with decreasing donations. But bloggers also reach across the nation - and the world - and we could make a real difference for our neighbors and make this a memorable 4th of July.

THE CHALLENGE: To collect one million cans of food for our nation's food banks, food pantries and shelters by July 4, 2009.

WHO: Progressive bloggers with a special invite to conservative bloggers.

HOW: Act locally. Here are some examples:

• Take a bag of food to a local pantry
• Organize a food drive where you work or play, your church or motorcycle club, etc.
• Organize some friendly competition amongst a group of blogs
• Challenge your Facebook & Myspace friends and your twitter followers
• There's no one right way to get involved. Look around you, see the need and do something about it.

They have more information on what you can do over there. I have lots of experience with can drives from doing this for Cubs Scouts with my son. Also, our family regularly donates to our local food bank so I already have a good idea of what they need. The best way to be sure is to call your local food bank and ask them what they need at this time. Often, they have a list of their shortages already.

Please consider joining in on this effort. I have always loved the motto: "Give what you can and take what you need." Right now, there are a lot of families that are in need.

If anyone wants to post this at their own Blog and has trouble with the flashplayer embed of marching cans, Tengrain made a whole bunch of images to match most Blog color schemes like this fine badge here:


Nick said...

This is a great idea. We've actually had food drives before where I work, so I think I'll bring it up again as we haven't had one in a while.

Lyn said...

hello care for exlink to my PR 4 and 2 blog. Just buzz me... I’ll be glad if you will. Thanks... :) http://manilyntingcang.com http://lingzspot.blogspot.com

RevPhat said...

Thanks so much for your support New Milford! Please liberally blogwhore this across the internets - it is for a good cause ;) And check back at www.unrulymob.blogspot.com for updates. Thanks again, Connecticut Man1

Tengrain said...

Thanks for the support, C-man. It's a big action, but it is Oh-So-Worth-It!

Keeping up the fight,



Distributorcap said...

keep spreading the word -- i already have stocked my cans for delivery

Connecticut Man1 said...

I plan on going out and collecting them in the neighborhood this week. I'll try and document my methods for shits and giggles.

Beach Bum said...

Looks like my area skipped this since I heard nothing about it around here.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Be the first Beach Bum... It is a Bloggers initiative and the more people that spread it around the better.

PENolan said...

I'm in.
Great idea

Marky said...

Very nice idea! I think I love your blog now. Can we exchange links with my blogs?

liberalamerican said...

Great port and best wishes on the Fourth!

Anonymous said...

nice post and thanks for sharing....

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