Hey Joe...

Where ya goin' with that healthcare lobbyist's money in your hand?

Nice ad... Joe needs a nice warm cup of shut the buck up.


Phil said...

Oh, you are just WAY too polite.
LIE berman is at the top of my list of pretentious, condescending dickhead , treasonous , self promoting weasels that I dream about tripping over a homeless person while out scamming voters and staggers out into the middle of the road in front of a speeding bus full of gay and lesbian couples on their way to get married.

Oh, and he was holding Dick Cheney's hand, too.

Sigh, such a nice dream too.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I figure that if Joe ever shows up in my head while I am sleeping it is not a dream but a nightmare. Cheney is a nightmare in the real world, never mind in a dream.

RevPhat said...

Support the Million Can March this weekend! http://unrulymob.blogspot.com/2009/06/your-cans-count-here.html

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