Proposition 8 Dishonor Roll - Starring CT

Via Californians Against Hate:

Below is a list of the Top 12 contributors to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign that took away marriage equality in California. Click on the names for more information.

  1. Knights of Columbus, New Haven, CT $1,425,000
  2. Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Irvine, CA
    Fieldstead & Co.
  3. John Templeton, Bryn Mawr, PA
    John Templeton Foundation, Chairman/President
  4. National Organization for Marriage,
    Princeton, NJ
  5. Alan Ashton, Lindon, UT
  6. Terry Caster & Family, San Diego, CA
  7. Robert Hurtt, Orange, CA
  8. Focus On the Family, Colorado Springs, CO
  9. American Family Association, Tupelo, MS
  10. Claire Reiss, La Jolla, CA
    Reisung Enterprises
  11. Elsa Prince, Holland, MI
  12. Concerned Women for America, Washington DC

Just so as you know...


Utah Savage said...

I thought the Mormon Church gave five million dollars to Prop 8. I have a feeling that they must have funneled that money through individuals so instead of the church so they could disguise their homophobia.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I believe the Mormon Church had been directing its members to make direct donations to groups. But they may have other backdoor ways of funneling money into this.

Anonymous said...

How about posting the top 12 who supported no on prop 8

Gary Rosen said...

To clarify the post above: the contribution to Proposition 8 by John Templeton, Jr. was private and strictly personal, and has nothing to do with the programs or activities of the John Templeton Foundation. The Foundation does not support or endorse political candidates or causes, and Dr. Templeton is careful to separate his own political activities from his work carrying out his father's philanthropic legacy.

Gary Rosen
Chief External Affairs Officer
John Templeton Foundation

Donor Tracker said...

The Mormon church donated about $180,000 in in-kind donations and its individual members donated at least $16.3 million (half of the donations to the Protect Marriage coalition).

Connecticut Man1 said...

"How about posting the top 12 who supported no on prop 8"

Why? They don't get defensive about having that information made public. I wonder why?

Thank you for the other other comments and I will try and verify the information.

Anonymous said...

If they are not defensive about the info why not publish it. I've read constantly about supporters of prop 8 but haven't seen much about the no donors.

Connecticut Man1 said...

So go ahead and publish it. My position is to shine a light on Christianists and Christofascists that want to force their personal religious views on others through legislation.

Where do you stand on it and are you proud of that since you (try to) hide behind anonymous comments?

Thorne said...

Wow. Thanks so much for posting this!

Utah Savage said...

God I think anonymous commenters are such chicken shits. Hey Anonymous, you post those stats if you think they're so relevant. You fools are like the KKK hiding behind a blank anonymous gray sheet.

Anonymous said...

Christofacists didn't force their views on anyone it was forced on the citizens by four judges. The kkk hiding behind sheets were/are democrats from the south just ask Senator Byrd D-WVA

Connecticut Man1 said...

I see that Utah Savage and I struck a nerve...

Phil said...

Knights of Columbus?!!

Tight assed old bastards.

The truth said...

Prop 8? Oh yeah that's where the anti prop 8 people were to chicken shit to protest in the black areas and chose the Mormons as their protest straw man. Remember heroes it was the black community that tipped the vote.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"The truth": There is where the supporters of equality made a mistake. They assumed the black community would recognize the reality of the exact same arguments against marriage equality that were used for racist miscegenation laws past.

This is a pretty revealing statement about your personal views, not the Marriage Equality supporters:

"to chicken shit to protest in the black areas"

Why do YOU think anyone else would be too scared to protest in a black community? Is there a stereotype of someone YOU might be thinking about?

Anonymous said...

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