Congressionally Approved Torture Tools for Lobbying 2

Since both the White House and Congress no longer consider prosecuting torture as a crime, it is safe to assume that we can begin to legally use these methods as legitimate tools to lobby our Congress and White House for the real changes we expect from our government. These methods that I document will be equally applicable to those who lobby against the interests of average American citizen on these issues.

Congressionally Approved Method of Lobbying #2

Method for lobbying Congressional members and White House administration officials that push for hate based and bigoted legislation against the LGBT community and Marriage Equality:

Making them face their own inner demons that are, often times, based on a self loathing because of repressed feelings concerning their own confused sexuality might begin to arouse their interest in equality for all as founding documents clearly defines it.

Standard Connecticut policed state disclaimer: Please read and clearly understand the meaning of "SNARK" before you waste my time and the taxpayers money following me around on the internet and in the real world. Just remember how stupid illegally harassing Ken Krayeske made all of you look.

This the second in the "Torture as a Lobbying Tool" series:


JimD said...

Why can we never see their dicks? Is that some sort of religious thing ?

We can show men being tortured, but we should blur or black out there dicks.

We're insane.

Connecticut Man1 said...

If you want to see the unedited photo here is a link.


The original photos are all on the left sidebar of the link.

I edited it because this Blog does not feature that kind of material in order to remain Google relevant. I don't want an XXX rating.

Anonymous said...

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