Layers of Irony

As the financially crippled NY Times writes about the financially disastrous Citi's reckless new campaign:
Citigroup — the mega-bank that managed its own finances so badly that it has required three taxpayer bailouts totaling at least $45 billion so far — is preaching fiscal responsibility to young people
Now, I am quite willing to cut the NY Times a lot of slack here because they aren't doing this on my dime. Others don't appear to be so forgiving on that and hilarity ensued in the comment threads there.

But Citi trying to sell My Space credit cards to kids with interest rates that can go as high as 29.99% as some kind of responsible thing to do is the height of irony.

And I am so sure "Generation Forward" is looking forward to the nationalized Citi bank.

[update] Some FDIC irony:

At a time when the FDIC is seeking a $500 BILLION dollar loan - only $470 Billion than their normal line of credit and for reasons unknown as of yet - and with trillions of dollars being poured into welfare bonuses for bankers we get this announcement from the FDIC:

Nuts and Bolts: Tools for Today’s Economy

National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) highlights consumer education efforts across the nation. NCPW 2009 can help people get the most for their money, whether they are trying to stretch their paychecks, improve their credit history, or tell the difference between a real deal and a potentially fraudulent product or service. For more information about this program visit: http://www.consumer.gov/ncpw/index.html.

The FDIC is a major sponsor of NCPW (...snip...)

(emphasis mine) It would be funnier if it were coming from the Treasury Dept. or the FED, but still pretty funny as is.


joe said...

I just checked out your profile, and I must say that for being 232, you've aged pretty well..
.. I'm having a hard time keeping it together at 41...

Connecticut Man1 said...

To be honest: My real age is within a few years older than you. :)