Banks Worried About Riot

Given all of the bank fraud and looting of the nation's treasury, would you have thought this would be the story?

America's Next Top Model host Tyra Banks says she is "concerned" after an audition for her show ended with six people injured and three arrests.

Thousands of modelling hopefuls were queuing outside a hotel in Manhattan, New York, when bedlam broke out.

Police cancelled the audition but could not say what had sparked the panic.

Mind you, with jobs so few and far between these days as more and more companies are kicking employees to the curb... And considering that you are probably more likely to win the big jackpot in the lottery than you are to find a decent living wage right now, this riot is not really all that surprising, either.


Jesus Maria Alvarez said...

Hey Stephen,

Got a new cartoon and I wanted to share it with you.


Also, did you know that kos mentioned you on one of his post a week or so ago? I hotlisted the post because I wanted to apply to their fellowship program.

Hope you like the cartoon. I am putting together a blog for spanish-speaking progressives, I'll let you know when I have a little more info.

Keep up the good work.


Connecticut Man1 said...

KOS mentioned me? WTF was he thinking? lol

Checking your link.

Beach Bum said...

I know I'm in a cruel mood but the idea of skeletal skinny chicks having a riot over a show that for the most part has had no positive effect for the winner sound bizarre and funny.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Beach Bum, you certainly bring out the bizarre and somewhat pitiful imagery of the situation better than I could.

Beach Bum said...

What can I say? The beer makes me do it.