The Senate Stimulus Vote is in the Bag

Think about it. Obama just tapped Republican Senator Judd Gregg, who stood there at the press conference and said he supported the stimulus package, to be his Secretary of Commerce. If Obama was worried about it passing would he have pulled the one vote he needed to assure it passing in the Senate? If he did, he would have to be stupid. I doubt that is the case.

The only other reasoning there would be is if the Conservative Dems were trying to strip stuff or or the progressive caucus were holding it hostage to get more...

Someone get the video, please? lol

Side note: If anything needs to go from the stimulus, consideration for funding the mythical "clean coal" should be tossed. And the coal industry funded Obama local ads on TV aren't swaying me from that reality.
President Obama has been a longtime supporter of "clean coal," the still-illusory concept of coal-fired power plants that can capture and store the carbon emissions that they generate.

The environmental movement tends to view "clean coal" with skepticism at best and derision at worst -- and few projects epitomize the contentious debate over clean coal more than FutureGen, the $1.8 billion dollar plant slated to be built in the downstate town of Mattoon, Illinois.

The state's congressional delegation, including a pre-election Sen. Obama, has been pressing to restore government aid to FutureGen since the Bush administration abruptly cut off money for the project last year, citing excessive construction costs.

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