Mass. Landslide Single Payer Voting Victory

Via DCblogger, A Ballot initiative in 10 Massachusetts' districts gives you a pretty clear picture of what Americans want in health care reform:

Under the Chapter 58 legislation in Massachusetts, law currently mandates the purchase of private health insurance for all individuals not eligible for a public option. Those who are uninsured in Massachusetts are subject to fines. The lack of primary care physicians in addition to the high deductibles have not created universal access to care in the state.

In the most recent election, local ballot initiatives supporting single payer and opposing individual mandates passed by landslide margins in all ten legislative districts of Massachusetts where they appeared. With almost all precincts tallied, roughly 73 percent of 181,000 voters in the ten districts voted YES to the following: “Should the representative from this district be instructed to support legislation creating a cost-effective single payer health insurance system that is available to all residents, and oppose laws penalizing those who fail to obtain health insurance?”

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Does anyone doubt that a vote on this issue in Connecticut would come pretty close to 73 % support for Single Payer health care? You would have to be crazy to think otherwise.

Keeping in mind that, just like Connecticut, we are talking about another very liberal state, this is not some tiny poll sample of a thousand or two thousand people. This is 181,000 people voting for the record. 181,000 people that have already lived the failure of mandated "health care for all for profit".


Distributorcap said...

it finally dawned on me -- repbulicans dont want mandated or single payer health care - they dont want ANY health care (except if you are rich) - this is just another way for them to get rid of the "little people"

single payer is the ONLY way to go - with everything else tried and failed --

Connecticut Man1 said...

A Scrooge-like decrease the superfluous surface population mentality, eh?

Hardcore far right ideologically pure Republicans (about the only kind left in the GOP, now) may agree with that but it is pretty darn clear that conservatives don't. To get those numbers(73%), even in Mass., conservatives and other indies were supporting the idea in droves.