It is a rare day indeed

It is a very rare day when I click over to dKos and almost every single diary on the recommended list is about issues that are so serious I would recommend reading almost every single one. Too often the rec list is littered with the type of "rah-rah Democratic party cheerleading" junk and campaign fund raising that, while compatible to Markos stated goals for the site, are of little interest to everyone that is not in the Democratic party and that read and participate there simply because of the high quality thinking that gets put into so many issues.

Yeah... I know that we just got out of an election cycle and that is the main reason it has been so long since this is the case, but take a look at the diaries here:

Recommended Diaries (at dKos)

Criminally Investigating Not the Problem, But Rather the Person Who Raised the Problem
by Jesselyn Radack

60 comments (60 new)

"Mom, why did the Rabbi Lie?"
by ChuyHChrist

528 comments (528 new)

The Great Depression Pt. IV
by bonddad

77 comments (77 new)

Riots have begun here in Oakland [many updates]
by iliketodrum

527 comments (527 new)

Cut Social Security, Don't Tax The Rich: Where Is The Outrage?
by Tasini

88 comments (88 new)

Minnesota recount judge slams WSJ editorial
by Keith Pickering

223 comments (223 new)

MN-Sen events v. 47.1 While awaiting Trial
by WineRev

44 comments (44 new)

Have you lost your job and health insurance? Are you delaying care due to cost?
by nyceve

350 comments (350 new)

I really am glad the elections are over!

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