Canada expels US woman deserter

Via the BBC:
Canada has ordered the deportation of the first woman US soldier to have sought asylum in the country to avoid being deployed to Iraq.

Kimberly Rivera, a mother of three, had requested permission to remain in Canada on humanitarian grounds but her appeal was rejected.

She could face up to five years in prison when she returns to the US.

Some 200 deserters from the US military are believed to have fled to Canada, some living incognito.

I have a feeling that the Bush mini-me, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (for now but , likely, not much longer after he done cut and run from the Canadian economic meltdown), is probably driving this foolish policy.

According to reports and after having served a tour in Iraq, Riviera said:
"The war was immoral and that she could not participate in it"
Considering the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the USA, Riviera is 100% correct and is standing on the higher moral ground, for certain, and the legal higher ground if bush and his fellow neoconservative criminals were rightfully prosecuted for their war crimes and other criminal enterprises and activities both here at home and around the world.

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Anonymous said...

If it was an immoral and illegal invasion, isn't it just too bad the Freedom Fighters didn't kill more American troops!!!?? Too bad. An immorally and illegally occupying force should always be killed, every last one of them. Bastards. Too bad more U.S. soldiers and marines weren't slaughtered.