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If you play "yes we can" backwards it sounds like "nuke U.S.A." The real reason the right wing thinks he is not American is because they found a message hidden on one of the campaign song album covers: "bur ac i5 code"... They are all certain it is really his until-now unknown evil twin, Barry "the communist" Obama, from Kenya that is currently occupying the White House - just so you know where the name Barry really comes from.

ERrRrRP! Excuse me: The voice in my head now tells me that No Quarter - in conjunction with Red State - will provide proof of all of this right after the 2012 elections.


Anonymous said...

Today obama sanctioned a missle attack on pakistan 10 muslims died. Isn't it about time for you on the left to start calling him a war criminal? Or are we going to be hypocrites and say the rules have all changed since 1/20/09/. Obviously Obama is a racist for killing muslims, so why no outrage against this imperialist killer of people of color?

Connecticut Man1 said...

""Given the fact that the past few strikes have actually gotten their targets with minimal or no civilian casualties, there is obviously better cooperation between the U.S. military and Pakistan," Ahmed said. "Now is that coming because of better cooperation from the U.S. military and Pakistani military? That's what the U.S. military seems to be saying. But you have to also consider whether it's not just the military but better cooperation with the civilian government and better human intelligence."

Ahmed and other experts have also noted a shift among U.S. intelligence officials from the use of technology to the use of human surveillance on the ground to pinpoint militant safe havens for such strikes. Suspicions among Taliban militants that coalition forces have deployed local spies in otherwise inaccessible tribal areas has sparked a wave of public executions that have killed dozens in recent months.

"As much as there has been an increase in strikes, there has been an increase in people executed as American spies. The militants don't need to give a reason to kill someone. So that it seems they're taking the threat of possible spies in their midst seriously," Ahmed said. "That type of human intelligence was missing before and perhaps is better now."

Although the Obama administration has signaled its intention to make a sharp break with some Bush policies, including using the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a detention facility for suspected terrorists, the White House indicated that it will proceed cautiously in Pakistan and Afghanistan where the CIA has dominated U.S. strategy since 2001. Pakistani officials have said they are hopeful that the change in the White House will foster greater cooperation on security issues, particularly in the tribal areas where more than 2,000 people died last year in militant-related violence.

Zardari and other Pakistani officials were critical of the United States in the wake of several missile strikes last year. But there was notable silence in Islamabad about Friday's missile strikes with few public officials commenting on the attacks."


First: War crimes? When Pakistan is providing the HUMINT and targets they want the US to hit in their country?

Second: Iraq is and was an illegal invasion and occupation. A war crime. So was Fallujah and so is what is going on in Gaza.

Third: Am I particularly happy about it? No. But Obama did say this would be the way he would go "when elected" during the campaign. Oh wait! You expected him to lie like bush would.

Fourth: Did Obama sanction it? I'd like to see your source? "The United States generally does not comment on or confirm whether it is behind missile attacks. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs refused to take questions about the incident at his regular briefing for reporters in Washington on Friday."" Both Pakistan and US officials have not commented. What? Are you in the Taliban and were you there? I mean, we know Bush was close to the Taliban leaders and the bin Laden family. It is safe to assume that of all GOP talking pointy heads.

E: Because you are obviously somewhat delusional and can't follow along.

Anonymous said...

Dispatched with gusto and relish! (What, no mustard?)

Nice job, CM1.



Connecticut Man1 said...

I save the mustard for the Hot Dogs... Not the wieners.