GOP Declares War on American Economy

How else can you anyone view what they are doing right now?
Republicans spent the last eight years like drunken sailors on their first shore leave after years at sea. They wantonly drained the treasury of billions and billions of dollars on harebrained schemes to induce "birthpangs of democracy" around the world, chasing phantom enemies and enriching their defense contractor contributors. They created a lobbying culture so corrupt it finally collapsed of its own weight. They deregulated the financial industry so thoroughly that it created an elaborate ponzi scheme that has just about destroyed the world economy.

They have no standing to lecture anyone about responsibility, fiscal or otherwise, and no right to obstruct the cure for the problem they created.

It's true that Democrats have, over the years, enabled Republicans and helped their ideology to run amock. But right now they are all we've got and their intentions, quite clearly, are to keep the economy from tanking, if only out of self interest.
And, clearly shown, the GOP's hatred of the American worker... They blame you hard working Americans for the banking scams the GOP caused and that flushed this country down the drain.

Fortunately for us in this case... The GOP knows absolutely nothing about winning wars. See Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Anok said...

While I agree with your sentiment, I think this might have to do with the bailout failure?

I disagreed with the bailouts because even though the intent was good - the outcome hasn't change done bit, we'd only be wasting more tax dollars. The big three failed because of poor management, poor products, and poor marketing. The credit industry failed because of poor management, and unethical practices. They have not used the bailout monies as specified, and credit lending is still frozen. It hasn't made a damn bit of difference, except that now it's costing us our money.

It's a bit like rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic.