Almost a month of same sex marriage in Connecticut...

and I have yet to see any negative effects on my marriage because of Marriage Equality...

Imagine that?


Unknown said...

you mean 'the gays' haven't tried to convert you, your wife OR the rest of your family?

you mean you don't notice the CONSTANT THREAT to all of the good citizens of the state of connecticut (from 'the gays' NOT da LIEBs)

you mean you haven't noticed the absolute halt to 'straight' marriages once 'the gays' got what THEY wanted?


you mean you've noticed NO CHANGES?

CT Bob said...

It's been a month already?

I'm shocked the entire institution of marriage hasn't collapsed already, and our society plummeted into a deadly combination of the worst excesses of Sodom & Gomorrah with a few outtakes from "Caligula" mixed in! (now that's a blooper reel I'd like to see!)

It seems the religious conservative movement has lost it's momentum since the sudden and surprising defeat of Question 1 last month. I'm sure they're going to try again and again, but for now it's quite satisfying to see how they've hunkered down and disappeared from public view.

Anok said...

I'm shocked, simply shocked! That nothing has changed during this time of government forcing equal rights on innocent citizens.

Imagine, having to go through your daily routine, work, school, family dinners knowing that there are gay couples out there doing the exact same thing as you....and getting legal protection for it too!

What has our world come to?!?!?!?!

Heh - no seriously, no we just have to hope that the lawsuit against prop 8 works in favor of equal rights.

When will people understand that in this country, at this time and in our history, the majority has never ever voted in favor of equality?