Did someone say snow?

[update] The snow is falling like mad now...

Maybe? Haven't seen any here in New Milford, Connecticut, YET... And at the current 28 degrees in New Milford I don't think we can be expecting the forecasted "frozen mix" unless the temperature shoots up? More likely one big dump of white crap everywhere. From Weather.com:

Storm Heads to the Northeast

The current Midwest storm will find its way into the Northeast today; snow and freezing rain will create problems.

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Storm Watch

Winter Storm from Midwest to Northeast

A winter storm will spread a heavy snow and ice from the Midwest and Great Lakes, into the New England States today.

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Planning for Winter Weather

It is pretty darn clear that the storm is moving this way... A snapshot of the storm at 9:45 a.m.:

So be ready for whatever it brings. Because it looks to be a real doozy!


PALGOLAK said...

Quit yer whinging!

Conn. is semi-tropical, as far as I am concerned.

Connecticut Man1 said...