Curing Religious and Bigoted Lifestyle Choices

Because Rick Warren needs tolerant human gene implants to be cured of his sick, perverted and wicked ways.
Given those views, it should come as no surprise that Warren is also a supporter of the ex-gay movement that tries to cure people of their homosexuality. A reader writes to Andrew Sullivan pointing out that Warren’s Saddleback Church operates a program called Celebrate Recovery that seeks to “help people overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups” by encouraging people to “grow toward full Christlike maturity.”

Hate like this is more sinful than incest, pedophilia, beastiality and allowing marriages between people that can't procreate - like teh gays, sterile people or people that chose not to have kids.

Say what?
"In short the argument goes, "Marriage exists for the next generation's benefit. Gay marriage shouldn't exist because they can't produce offspring."

At first, this seems, if not rational, at least not insane.

But if you think about it, by that measure, a marriage isn't 'real' until the couple produces a child. If one accepts this argument, one is also saying that people who choose to not have children, or are sterile, don't have the privilege of being married."
Can we find a cure for people like Rick Warren before we have to consider just subjugating these Christianists to second class citizen status by revoking their rights or, maybe even, just castrating those of this sub-human religious species to avoid them reproducing more of their kind?

Some Christianists are obviously genetically defective if they can't be cured of the religious bigotry inherent in their lifestyle choices.

That is what it is. You always hear them talking about personal choices and lifestyle choices of others.

For over seven minutes last night, Jon Stewart grilled former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee on his opposition to gay marriage. Huckabee is touring the country to promote his new book, “Do The Right Thing.” When Stewart compared gay marriage bans to interracial marriage bans, Huckabee restated his view that homosexuality is simply a behavior choice:

STEWART: Segregation used to be the law until the courts intervened.

HUCK: There’s a big difference between a person being black and a person practicing a lifestyle and engaging in a marital relationship.

STEWART: Okay, actually this is helpful because it gets to the crux of it. … And I’ll tell you this: Religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. And the protections that we have for religion — we protect religion. And talk about a lifestyle choice — that is absolutely a choice. Gay people don’t choose to be gay. At what age did you choose to not be gay?

Huckabee tried to insist that “60 percent of the American population” opposes gay marriage. Stewart interrupted him, calling it a “travesty” that gay Americans have to plead for their civil rights... (READ ON)
The truth is that being gay or lesbian is not likely a lifestyle choice. The facts would seem to suggest that it is the way you were when you born - in pretty much the exact same way that you are born black, white, whatever, etc. - and environment may only be a factor in how it can effect the genetic code that people are born with.

And even if it were a choice?

Who cares... Exercising free will, to make your own choice, is as much a right as it is a personal responsibility or, even, A REAL AND HONEST CHRISTIAN VIRTUE. Like choosing to be part of the GLBT community and choosing to get married. They have as much right to their own free will as you do to yours.

So Listen up all of you khaki-brown shit-head semi-epsilon-moron-minus, speudo-scientific, religiously bigoted, sin projectoralist Christianists... Pull the fuckin' log out of your eye and shove it up yer ass. 'Cause it is giving you all brain damage the way you are doing it.


opit said...

Excerpts from The Liars' Handbook

Connecticut Man1 said...

They can have their books, IMHO, as long as they don't try to force their personal views they get from them on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

If you think helping confused people find happiness in discovering they are in fact not homosexual, is worse than incest, pedophilia or beatiality, then you are one of the most sick and twisted people out there. These people come from there own free will to leave a destructive lifestyle. It is their choice and many do find happiness. I don't know of to many victims of incest and pedophilia who find happiness. Seems like you might have some underlying issues that you should address, failure to comprehend the vileness of incest, pedophilia and beastiality is lower than anything you slander Christians with. Whether you like it or not some gays do leave that lifestyle and all your hateful, hysterical bigotry filled rants against Christians can't change that fact.

Connecticut Man1 said...

You see... You are working from the confused point of view that the GLBT are the ones that are confused. No matter what they choose of their own own free will, they are doing what they think is right and it ain't yer business.

Some Christians pick the destructive and warring lifestyle choice of their religion, ignoring the potential of everyone else's happiness, with a sick and perverted idea of forcing others to submit to the "Christian only free will" if they want to be treated as an equal.

I am not slandering Christians anymore than you and yours debase your own religions tenants.

Christians bring up these slippery slope arguments of pedophilia, incest and beastiality in a feeble attempt to equate that with two adults exercising their own free will with love.

But it is slander for someone to throw that argument back in your face?

I am glad you are insulted. Any honest person would be.Ya don't think these arguments are insulting to the GLBT community too? Or is it that you don't care about them getting slandered like that? It's all about you, eh?

Do you even understand how hypocritical, unethical and even UNCHRISTIAN your own sides arguments are?

Too bad you and your God hate more than myself and my God do.

Welcome to the real world buddy. Reap what you and yours have sown. YOU are all the shameful and ugly beast that you all decry.

Like it or not, it is a proven fact that your sides attempts to "treat homosexuals" more often than not results in suicide(those people's deaths are hanging around the necks of people like you), depression and other serious problems.

You are so fucking wrong and YOU disgust me. As you should disgust any sane, rational and compassionate person, Christian or not.

Anonymous said...

Nice try to deflect from my point about your (in your own words) claiming pedophilia, beastiality & incest as less sinful than helping people leave a destructive lifestyle. If want to be honest you would actually find out that all the negative effects of homosexuality happen to PRACTICING gays. If you would actually read the research and not anecdoctual internet trash put out by gays opposed to the idea that gays can be changed, you would find the truth active gays have a high rate of suicide, they do have shorter life expectancy, they do contract strange dieseases related to unnatural dirty sex habits. As to your religous rants against Christians, I find it amusing that through ignorance or deceit you have a habit of using Old Testament law. Perhaps you should read the new testament and realize Christ has supplanted the hebrew law, and that sinners find forgiveness through him and not punishment through religous leaders. But I guess that knowledge would not allow you to thump on Christians with irrelevant old testament law. By the way what you write does nothing to offend me, it only offers an opportunity to point out how your "facts" tend to be rather laughable and easily disputed.

Connecticut Man1 said...

This where you lose everyone:

"Nice try to deflect from my point about your (in your own words) claiming pedophilia, beastiality & incest as less sinful than helping people leave a destructive lifestyle."

Unless you are referring to the destructive lifestyle of Christianists on the march?

I know you have an issue with dealing with ALL of your Christian faith, and the inconsistencies contained within the different books. That is not my problem that you reject parts of your own personal faith.

That is an issue that you will have to deal with. Not me.

"Perhaps you should read the new testament and realize Christ has supplanted the hebrew law, and that sinners find forgiveness through him and not punishment through religous leaders."

'Cause those wingnutty religious leaders sure aren't too quick to try and punish teh gays for wanting to marry...

Gee? Are you saying that it really is none of yer fracking business if they marry or not?

If you really believe in God then could you do us all a favor? Get yer nose out of other peoples' bedrooms and marriages and let "him/her/omnipotent thingie" sort it all out when you are dead.

As for the rest of your statements in your comment? I'll let people make up their own minds over how bigoted and ignorant they are.

I will, however, note that you are so sure in your warrior Christianist ways that you are afraid to say this stuff and put your own name to it. Embarrassed??? (Understandably so...)

opit said...

Thank you for the "Christianist" note.
I am not impressed with the Satanists and their hatemongering who claim they are acting out of 'love' when they are rather exhibiting intolerance, arrogance, hate, slander, false witness...charm school dropouts in fact.
The 'book' is the general-purpose media instruction kit for inflaming hate.In short - a media protocol for the Headbanging of the Public.
I see the flag and uniform on your personal logo. Have you seen the vicious indoctrination to Islamophobia now compulsory 're-education' for servicemen ?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Sadly, some in the military have tried to inflame hatred towards Muslims. There are still good soldiers out there that understand the huge difference between the real enemy and Iraqi citizens (I think so from the guys I talk to that are still serving?) but it is fact that the military has been letting soldiers sign up for the last few years that have ties to "Christianist" groups hell bent on "Crusades" and other racist soldiers with ties to questionable groups, as well.

For the Christianists, they are out there openly proselytizing to other soldiers and trying to convert them. They have crossed some legal lines in their efforts there and are way over the line ethically.

For the racists, they seem to be signing up while the armed forces seems to be using a "don't ask, don't tell" policy towards these people's ties to these groups.

What worries me more? I lean towards the "Christianist Warrior" types (See Sarah Palin's Church, Maybe "Christo-Fascist" is the better word for them?) that seem to be encouraging their members to sign up for their hoped for glorious end times scenarios. Those idiots want more wars.