I already celebrated Veterans Day on Nov 5th

Actually, I started celebrating as the results started coming in on Nov. 4th. As did many other Veterans I have come to know through various political actions. And, as did many of the soldiers I know that still serve, today. Of course, the soldiers that still serve today were not given access to the media to share their reactions to the election results.
On a night like no other when America’s open and democratic virtues were put on worldwide display, an ill-advised policy within the Department of Defense proclaimed to servicemembers and the news media alike: “No you can’t.” What a servicemember and a journalist couldn’t do, the policy drafters ordered, was engage in conversation on a military base as the returns from a momentous election rolled in.

Stars and Stripes’ plans for providing news of Tuesday’s election started out with a new and seemingly innocent twist, tied to the opportunities of the new media. Reporters were to go to the common areas of bases and observe the reaction of servicemembers as the voting was tallied and shown on TV and the Internet. They were then to file to Stripes’ Web site, via “twitter,” an electronic form for sending brief, staccato messages.
Can't have the soldiers be seen celebrating a very liberal change in direction for America on their own personal time, can we? That might embarrass and shame the elitist, Neoconservative warmongering class that were seriously smacked around at the ballot boxes.

January 20th, 2009, can not come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

i apologize for not stopping by sooner to wish you a happy veteran's day

Connecticut Man1 said...

What do you have to apologize for, rose? Anyone that does as much as you do for veterans rights and issues year round doesn't have to thank anybody. What is one day out of 365? Hell... I thought about not even bothering to post because, after the last 8 years and finally achieving some sweeping change, we all deserve a day to just sit back and relax.

Unknown said...

because it's important to thank YOU. shoot, now that i think of it, I FORGOT TO THANK MY FATHER! geeze. i tried to thank most everyone i personally know who served. it's important TO ME

and what's with the asian comments? i'm tempted to click but at the same time a bit afraid

Connecticut Man1 said...

Well, thank you for the kind thoughts.

As for the comments? The person comes here and leaves it in about 5 threads every once in a while. I checked the link and it doesn't appear to be porn or anything... But I still delete them just because I don't have a clue what they say and every single one of those letters/words leads to the same site. I am not even sure what language it is so I can't put them through a translator like babelfish, etc.?