Himes? Shays? There is a difference...

From Charles at the Himes for Congress Blog:

- Social Security privatization advocate Newt Gingrich holds a fundraiser for Social Security privatization advocate Chris Shays in Greenwich:

"You know that almost 100 people showed up at 7:30 a.m. on a cold Tuesday morning," said Michael Sohn, campaign manager for Shays. "I think that people are curious to hear what speaker Gingrich is saying. He's one of the most intellectual people in politics."

- The New Haven Register was at a press conference with Rosa DeLauro and Jim Himes in Shelton, on the importance of protecting Social Security:The two Democrats spoke about the faltering economy and the financial difficulties retirees face every day.

Himes said there is "a general need to preserve and strengthen the economy and preserve the security of our senior citizens."

Himes, a former executive at Goldman Sachs & Co., said he understands the need for senior citizens to save and invest prudently in the stock market.

However, he supports the "basic promise" made to retirees that because of Social Security benefits, they will not face poverty in their golden years.

- The Politico thinks Shays might be ousted this year...snip...
With differences like these between the candidates, is there any wonder why Shays will likely be sent packing?

And as far as Gingrich being an intellectual, that is certainly debatable as he has shown some cunning in driving wedges into the political and voting sphere - you have to consider that Gingrich was in the avant guard of framing every argument for politics sake, and still worries about it today - BUT the mere fact that both he and Shays advocated for privatizing Social Security shows that neither of them have a lick of common sense.

And the fact that Gingrich is still, to this day, more worried about dishonest framing of his arguments for partisan political gain than he is about solving America's many problems - problems that he and his voodoo-trickle-down-ownership-society Republican ideology created - shows that he has learned nothing from the partisan bickering and economic failure in the last eight years. Neither has Shays if he aligns himself with this kind of gutter level political hack.

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