America: Did you enjoy the economic rape?

For those of you thinking that anything was solved with the handover of 700 billion dollars to the criminal and lecherous rich of this country, you have been sadly misinformed:
“More families with children are becoming homeless as they face mounting economic pressures, including mortgage foreclosures, according to a USA TODAY survey of a dozen of the largest cities in the nation.”
Saying the bailout benefited everyone is like saying rape benefits everyone and making the victim pay the rapist for the privilege of being victimized and terrorized.

They were bailed out with our money. They get to keep their expensive lifestyles and massive homes as a reward for their criminal actions and greed.

We get more homeless families.

They keep talking about helping the homeowners that are losing their homes to the real crisis. They have yet to do anything for them. They all talk about it and they all do nothing. They pass programs with so many loopholes to turn down the homeowners that I have yet to hear of one home being saved.

And what about the millions of Americans that already lost their homes?

Nothing. They will do nothing for them.


Anonymous said...

eurobound thing is quite a trend... Recently even LeBron James might consider it (with a ridiculous amount of money of course 50 mills a year). David Stern has to be going cooks seeing all these players leave.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so much opposed to the package as I am the way in which it gets distributed and to whom. It's one of those things where there is no good solution.

Damn that George is a hell of a corner floor painter ain't he?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Spela: This would not surprise me as things get worse. Many hockey players are already jumping to the new Russian/European hockey league being bankrolled, in large part, by Russian oil companies. Thanks for the comment.

omnipotent poobah: I still strongly believe that the 700 billion to the banks is not going to change anything. The longer we are in this recession thew more banks will fail. Regardless of whether every mortgage is renegotiated because they are just a tiny slice of the banks problems with credit derivatives/ credit swaps. As business start to fail you will see the real extent of their greed hitting their balance sheets.

The whole thing is that there are very few to none of any people, homeowners, that need the help that can qualify for any of it as it is/was proposed.

They have so many disqualifiers that almost nobody will qualify.

And I have yet to hear of one person having their home saved. Not one.

Does anybody know of one house that has been saved because of the bailout?

BTW, omnipotent poobah, your Blog is often funny and bust-a-gut hilarious sometimes.