Kick Start Your Kids Activism

And kids... If your parents are
thinking of voting for McCain:
Get'em to vote in the Nick "Kids Pick the President" poll... But before you do:

Talk to them about the candidates. Teach them a bit about the policies of the candidates. Even a little political talk around the dinner table can be enough to spark their interest. After having them vote in the poll bring them in to volunteer for the campaign if they are old enough. Take them canvassing. Take them to a debate. Take them to see you vote. It is the best lesson in civic responsibility they will ever get. Take them out for a beer afterwards. ERRRRP! Ok, scratch that last one.

Just get them involved now so they will know what to do when they are older.

Teach them to VOTE!

Results for the Nick poll will be viewable on Monday.
Results in your kids will be viewable immediately.

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