McCain VP Still a Secessionist - Pics May Prove It

Considering just how well the McCain campaign vetted Sarah Palin before picking her as his running mate for the upcoming campaign, I wonder how Palin's "Patriotic" credibility will be viewed by his rabidly faux patriotic supporters when they find out that her idea of foreign policy experience may be in dealing with the government of the USA?

According to the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party), Sarah Palin was a member of their party and they mention this fact in videos where they outline their plans to infiltrate other organizations in order to push their platform:

In the first clip we see Palin address the AIP convention earlier this year:

This next clip is the 1st of 2 parts from the convention itself. About half way through the speech(at 6:00), the Vice Chairman of the AIP, Dexter Clark, says this of Palin: "Our current governor who I mentioned at the last conference, the one we were hoping would get elected, Sarah Palin, did get elected . . . .and there was a lot of talk about her moving up. She was an AIP member before she got the job as mayor . . . "

This last clip is a continuation of the speech from Dexter Clark, the Vice Chairman from the AIP. In it, he talks about the necessity of infiltrating the major national parties in order to further the goals of the AIP.

The AIP’s main aim is to secede from the United States, becoming either a territory or a sovereign nation. They aim to be entirely "self-sufficient" using profits from the oil and gas resources of the state.

their website, you’ll see this:

The Alaskan Independence Party can be summed up in just two words:

And their 2008 platform:

To seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution.

Governor Palin’s connections with the AIP are also furthered by her connection to Wally Hickel, a former Alaskan governor. Hickel was elected on the AIP ticket. He served as the co-chairman of Governor Palin’s campaign in 2006
Here is a quote from an interview Hickel did with the Alaska Dispatch:

When Palin was running for governor in 2006, Hickel appeared in advertisements supporting her and the Alaska pipeline.
"I made her governor," Hickel told me.

When asked earlier this year on CNBC about whether she’d be picked for McCain’s VP, Palin said, "We wanna make sure that that VP slot would be a fruitful type of position, especially for Alaskans, and for the things we’re trying to accomplish up here for the rest of the US, before I can even start addressing that question."

So, besides the fact that she doesn’t know what the VP does everyday, Palin wants to be VP only if it’s a good thing for Alaska?

Now this proves that she was once a member of the AIP, IMHO... Why would the AIP lie in that video and why else would Palin be willing to address the secessionists after being elected? Anyone outside of Alaska would consider that political suicide with those faux patriots on the right wingnut side of the aisle in the rest of the nation.

But there has been a lot of speculation on all of the fast disappearing Sarah Palin pics on the net being related to the fact that both Sarah or Bristol Palin were or are pregnant...

That is all just a canard, IMHO. A ruse to throw the dogs off of the scent of the real story they are covering up in all of those pictures. And it has nothing to do with any alleged nude pics of Sarah Palin.(NSFW!)

They may be trying to hide the fact that Palin is still a member of the AIP and that she is one of the highest placed members of the AIP that they have managed to elevate in politics thus far.

If I were a betting man, I would be willing to bet that there are a lot of deleted Sarah Palin pics with lapel pins and other paraphernalia that show her true anti-American allegiance to the Alsakan secessionist movement.

There is no way on earth that McCain honestly vetted Palin before he picked her as a running mate. No republican candidate that understands their own base would ever have let this get so far.

[update] ABC news Political Punch confirms that both Todd and Sarah Palin were members of the AIP:

Members of "Fringe" Alaskan Independence Party
Say Palin Was a Member in 90s

Officials of the Alaskan Independence Party say that Palin was once so independent, she was once a member of their party, which since the 1970s has been pushing for a legal vote for Alaskans to decide whether or not residents of the 49th state can secede from the United States.

And while McCain's motto -- as seen in a new TV ad -- is "Country First," the AIP's motto is the exact opposite -- "Alaska First -- Alaska Always."

Lynette Clark, the chairman of the AIP, tells ABC News that Palin and her husband Todd were members in 1994, even attending the 1994 statewide convention in Wasilla. Clark was AIP secretary at the time.

[update deux] I had a conspiracy tag on this diary since I know that it was speculative... I removed it since ABC confirmed the basis for my opinion is factual. This sure as hell would be a good explanation for all of those missing pics. Imagine what the faux patriots on the right will say when they find out she didn't like the USA at all back in the 90s. And she may very well not like it much now.

[update trois] Oh My God... I did not look too much on the origins of the AIP but Gary from Covert History points out in comments that he has been digging into it:
Joe Vogler and the Alaskan Independence Party

In my previous post you will find a Youtube video of Sarah Palin warmly addressing the Alaskan Independence Party. What sort of organization is this and what is its history?

The AIP was founded by one Joe Vogler, who seems to be a rightwinger from way back.
And then he gets into Vogler quotes. Hate is a pretty strong word Mr. Vogler... Don't ya think? Anyways, Gary, thanks for the illuminating comment.

and The Jed Report sums up McCain's big problem with this pick:

McCain Camp Mum On Palin's Role In Alaska Secession Party

So it turns out that in the 1990s, Sarah Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party whose primary objective is to secure a vote on whether Alaska should secede from the United States. Their party's motto? "Alaska First - Alaska First Always."

I'm sure McCain will eventually have to comment, but according to Marc Ambinder: "A McCain spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment." I'll guarantee you that we know more about Sarah Palin than does McCain or his campaign.

I am willing to guarantee that as well. Because I know I still have Palin news that I am working on! lol Right now all the McCain campaign campaign can do is shut their mouths on this huge story and hope the media don't start covering it like they should.

[update] The media everywhere is starting to pick up on this... I just watched David Schuster toss it out on MSNBC while interviewing some pundits and surrogates. And you could tell by the McCain flack's (?Andrea Tantaros?) reaction that she was taken aback - that flinch and look of "Say what?" - by this news before she plowed into her talking points on everything but the secessionist point.

John McCain has totally and thoroughly embarrassed his entire brigade of GOP talking point twits because they honestly do not have a clue about what scandal is going to break next.

Even Karl Rove acknowledged that she was a risky pick in his talk this morning with the Maine delegation. The soap opera is getting surreal. Sarah Palin's involvement with the secessionist Alaska Independence Party is just the latest punch in the stomach to a reeling Grand Old Party. She is a Buchananite who liked (and maybe voted for) Ron Paul? Now news of her daughter's pregnancy adds new poignancy to her 2006 campaign promise.

"Explicit sex ed programs will not find my support."
Lord have mercy, it's hard out there for a Republican pimp.
Many Republicans are going to wake up tomorrow just finding out about this and other scandals and they will still be behind on the next one. No matter how many lawyers the McCain campaign just got around to sending out to Alaska to actually begin vetting her properly, probably to legally represent Palin in the Troopergate scandal as well, this is not going to be a good week for any Republican that was counting on Sarah Palin to fix everything that is wrong with the John McCain campaign.


gary said...

For some good quotes from AIP's founder Joe Vogler see my latest post at http//coverthistory.blogspot.com

CT Bob said...

This Sarah Palin is some piece of work. I'm thinking it's only going to get worse and worse for her before McCain asks her to step down.

And then, it's HELLLLOOOOO JOE!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Honestly? I think McCain is crazy enough to think his pick is an infallible one. I hope he keeps her on just for the massive amount of material that still hasn't been posted on her yet. Palin's life is a appears to be combination "soap opera / trashy novel" unheard of in American national politics before.

Promise me I can steal some of your good videos (attributed, of course!) if we end up in a battle against Joe again? lol But, if we do end up fighting Joe neocon Lieberman, I think McCain will have already lost the election by then.

CT Bob said...

Oh man, I have frickin' DOZENS OF HOURS of Lieberman videos that haven't even seen the light of day yet! There's got to be gold on those tapes, I just have to review them and grab the good scenes. So if Joe gets the nod, I'm ready move on it!

And my Youtube page with all my videos on it is located at:


Connecticut Man1 said...

You don't really need to plug that awesome page for my sake Bob... I have been a subscriber to your YouTube videos for a longtime.

And I would suggest subscribing to anyone that wants some really original political material to watch. Freakin' outrageously funny at times too. :)

Ben There said...

Who would we rather have as a defeated presidential candidate, an Alaskan beauty queen or another neocon?

Connecticut Man1 said...

It will be McCain losing at this rate. The Palin choice has handcuffed McCain on defense and all Obama has to do is keep on his own message. I can't help Obama with that part.

As an unaffiliated it isn't my job. As someone that won't be voting republican on any line... Tell him to get back to work. lol

Anonymous said...

"The AIP’s main aim is to secede from the United States, becoming either a territory or a sovereign nation. They aim to be entirely "self-sufficient" using profits from the oil and gas resources of the state."

Funny thing about oil-rich nations, they tend to reply so heavily on their natural resources that they neglect the development of their "human capital," or any other development for that matter. After a few generations they tend to degenerate into the worst kind of dictatorships.