Juice Box Judy Miller

Judy Miller is back on the propaganda koolaide serving circuit:
Former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, famous for reporting on Iraq’s purported WMD in the run-up to the invasion, is “back on Iraq and back in big-circulation print. In the July Reader’s Digest, she reports how great things are in U.S.-run detention facilities.” Miller “reports that life in two detention camps housing nearly 23,000 suspected insurgents is much improved.”
Meanwhile, in other prisoner abuse news:
The military released photos of what it calls "segregation boxes" used in Iraq.

Three grainy black-and-white photos show the rudimentary structures of wood and mesh. Some of the boxes are as small as 3 feet by 3 feet by 6 feet tall, according to military officials. There was no image released of a box that size.

The average Iraqi male is 5 feet 6 inches tall, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. That leaves little room for a prisoner to move once placed inside.
Do you think there is a few extra boxes lying around for neocon lovin', propaganda pushing, lying and traitorous in-bedded reporters?

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