Connecticut Prepares For Plug-In Hybrids

Via Boran2 at Survivor Left Blogistan: Connecticut Prepares For Plug-In Hybrids:
Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, in an apparent rare bit of enlightened foresight for a Republican, has indicated that the state will prepare for infrastructure necessary to support widespread use of plug-in hybrid vehicles. (Shocking, I know.)


"We need to make sure the state's electric infrastructure is ready for the additional demand, and we want to avoid problems that could crop up if, say, a high number of EVs are charging on a 98-degree summer day when power is at a premium for air conditioners and other devices," the governor said.

Although none are currently in production, it is anticipated that use of such vehicles could begin as early as 2010.

And, oh my goodness, is this recognition of global warming?!!

Read the rest of what Gov. Jodi Rell had to say over at Survivor Left Blogistan or at The Booman Tribune.

[update] An interesting comment from Zandar1 over at the BooTrib:
"I'd check to see just who will be paying for these infrastructure improvements.

I'm betting the call for "improving infrastructure for power grids to handle hybrids" is the new excuse for energy companies to stay on those multi billion dollar taxpayer subsidies for the next decade.

You know, the ones Democrats want to end?

And of course, if they end, why the poor power companies won't be able to help us save Earth if those nasty Dems have their way.

This is a total sandbag job. In the end, it's greed."

Could be... It would fit the GOP's MO to a T.

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