McCain Pot Calls Republican Kettle Black

Even John "100 years in Iraq" McCain is trying to run away from his and the GOP's legacy:
John McCain's top economic adviser has attacked Congressional Republicans, saying they have brought "shame and disgrace" on the party.

In a BBC interview, Doug Holtz-Eakin accused them of busting the budget with profligate spending programmes.

The comments are part of a strategy by Senator McCain's camp to distance themselves from the Republicans and avoid blame for the economic downturn.
John McCain and his bestest friends forevah brought this economic disaster upon the country... Perhaps McCain could grow up and take responsibility for the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and multiple economic disasters on the domestic side of policy that are largely responsible for our country's current dismal economic outlook?

Independent Republican Joe Lieberman, John McCain
and bush addresses the Dead Elephant caucus of the GOP.

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