Who the heck is Andrew Malcolm?

Almost everybody who Blogs knows who skippy the bush kangaroo is, and certainly they know who the link lovin' Mike Finnigan from Crooks and Liars is, as well. But, honestly, who the heck is Andrew Malcom? Never even heard of his Blog before either... skippy writes:
mike finnigan of crooks&liars responds to andrew malcolm's snide dismissal of skippy's question:

mr. malcolm,

having read your dismissive response to skippy, i'll address you in the tone that you apparently favor. i must say i wasn't surprised by the lack of respect and royal impatience your note conveyed. i guess peons like us should just be damn grateful you deigned to reply to the impertinent skippy. thank you, my liege! the unaccountable arrogance of our corporate press seems to be contagious, even when one of it's members turns to..(cough)..blogging. i'll be sure and see that the over 1 million visitors per week which read crooks and liars get a chance to sample how one of the denizens of our pathological press reacts to a legitimate question, politely posed.

mike finnigan

thanks, mike! we appreciate your time and effort!

Everyone appreciates what both Mike Finnigan and Crooks and Liars do so well. Mike's Blog Roundup also points to his royal heiny's, Andy "blogger wannabe" Malcolm, incompetence and failures:
skippy the bush kangaroo: The impertinent skippy had the gall to write to three journalists, questioning them on why the press corps insisted on framing Obama as “arrogant” in the presidential seal story when McCain’s own senatorial campaign committee did the same thing. Two ignored him, and another reacted the way royalty always does.

Seriously... I'd have never heard of this Andy Malcolm guy, nor his Blog (top of the ticket), had it not been for one of the big national Blogs that pointed to their little "B lister" corner of the internet...

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